2nd Trimester is over

Wow, I cannot believe that I am finished with the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy and have less than 3 months to go. In the beginning it felt like I had forever, but now it seems to have flown by. The 2nd trimester truly was a great part of pregnancy, although I can't say the best since I hope 3rd trimester goes well too. During this time I could honestly say I was enjoying being pregnant, the fatigue (except that related to low thyroid) and nausea were gone and my running was feeling great.

During the 2nd trimester I...
-Gained 8 pounds for a total of 10 pounds so far
-Still get disgusted by meat and can't eat any
-Craved ice cream, pumpkin, candy corn, apples (gotta love Fall)
-Attempted a gluten free diet (thanks to my crazy endocrinologist) with a few break downs and think I may be finished with that
-Ran a 1:56 half marathon + ran/coached another half
-Ran a 25:00 5K
-Thought I was going to be done running twice: 18 weeks with piriformis issues and 24 weeks with pubic symphysis diastasis
-Had to remove the belly ring
-Found out we're having a girl
-Learned baby gets very active when I eat guacamole or Indian food, hope this means she likes it


  1. Hey there, I'm enjoying reading of your running and pregnancy - very inspiring! Best wishes for the 3rd trimester :)


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