2 month updates

Yesterday was 2 months since Ophelia was born, a lot has happened in that short amount of time for both her and I. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts and requests for help as I figure out this mom thing. I’m sure there will only be more questions to come. I’ve gotten more creative with my cooking and am attempting to slowly add back some of the foods she didn’t seem to like. We ordered the BOB Ironman and it should be here on Wednesday, which will help greatly with getting in weekday workouts.

She remains tall and lean, 10lb 1oz (50th percentile) and 23 ¼” (90th percentile), no wonder the 0-3 clothes are almost too short, but still big everywhere else. This past weekend she rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time, of course I was out running when she did this but she repeated it for me when I got home. She loves mornings; I know she got this from her dad since I can’t function before I’ve had my coffee. As soon as she sees us in the morning she is all smiles, what a great way to start the day. She sleeps great at night; typically we get 5-6 hour stretches and occasionally have gotten 7-9 hours at a time.

I continue to run and have accomplished a long run of 9 miles and weekly mileage in the mid 20s, hopefully this will only continue to increase. I am also being consistent with strength training and cross training again. The combo of running and breastfeeding means I eat a lot, I can only imagine how much worse this will get as the miles increase. All this is helping me to get my body back, only 3 more pounds to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight and 6-10 more to get back to my ideal training weight; right now I will just be happy to comfortably fit back into all of my clothes. Last week I decided I had enough of the long hair, so after spending my entire pregnancy growing it out it is once again short.


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