The great BOB debate

A running stroller will be the next important baby related purchase. We originally planned to get the BOB Revolution, but are now thinking about the BOB Ironman instead. Between Matt and I the stroller will log plenty of miles. The main use will be for running, but I am trying to decide how important the turning front wheel would be for those few times it would be used for other outings besides running, or is the hand break more important considering the hilly runs we will be taking it on. The less important aspect of the decision is the color, I do like that the Revolution comes in more colors, but who am I kidding I rarely match when I run anyways! Time to make the decision now that Spring is here and my REI dividend check is on the way, I have been planning this purchase since last Spring.


  1. Let me say we test drove the Revolution when we were looking at strollers. If we could have put two car seats in there we would have bought it. Being able to move the front wheel makes a HUGE difference. I loved the revolution.

  2. I was hoping I could get by with JUST the Bob as a stroller but I have found unfortunately it is just too big to be practical for city stuff e.g. to go shopping, take on the bus etc. so i resigned myself to having two strollers. If you think you will likely go the two-stroller route than you might as well focus on picking a running stroller that is as running-friendly as possible. I like the fixed wheel for running on long, straight roads... for trail stuff or tight turns, the fixed wheel is really annoying.


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