Working out with an infant, how do you do it?

Okay moms how do you manage to fit in workouts with an infant? I have a child who loves to sleep at night, but would rather stay awake all day to the point that she gets overly tired and turns into a huge crab! I guess it is better that way, but help me out baby and give me a few good hours of sleep each day. When she does manage to sleep during the day it has to be either in her swing or my arms. I thought I had the answer and moved the swing down by the treadmill, but nope she just watched me and then screamed after 15 minutes.

So what is the secret to fit in those workouts when you are home alone with an infant? I have ordered the BOB stroller which should be in late next week so we’ll be able to get outside for runs soon as long as she tolerates that. Right now we do manage some walks with the regular stroller, but as the other hardcore runners know that just doesn’t quite cut it.


  1. Maybe not the answer you want, but keep persevering, she will get used to your running. The jogger will greatly help your situation. For now, just do what you can or wait until you can head out alone. It will get better, hang in there!

  2. I don't know how you feel about leaving her in childcare or if you belong to a gym, but I started leaving Baker in the childcare at the YMCA when he was about 7 weeks old (they have to be 6.5 weeks at ours to leave them). That worked out great for us - he's always loved going there and it was good for me to have a chunk of time to myself too, but I know some people aren't as comfortable with leaving their babies at that age.

  3. When baby wakes up during my treadmill run, I bring her into the room with the treadmill and try to engage her by singing to her as I run or else playing peek-a-boo with a towel as I run (warning: this can be hazardous!!). Younger babies are a bit more difficult to engage (my baby is 8 months now) but singing could work... it will also have the effect of increasing your aerobic effort :)

  4. Unfortunately our gym won't take infants until they are 3 months old, so that doesn't work yet.

    Maybe I'll have to keep the swing down by the treadmill and move her there when she gets fussy.

  5. My son is 5 months now, and finally settled into a routine that allows me regular running at times that I can count on, rather than when I can catch it, like in those early days! But I was in the same position as you were around the same age that Ophelia is now. Baby didn't want to be set down - he would sleep in our arms, but as soon as we put him down, he would wake. From our experience, it just took time - and patience - for him to learn to sleep on his own, and us to learn not to get frustrated. And actually, now that I think about it, that period didn't last that long. Have patience and enjoy cuddling your baby while she's so small, and needs you so much!

    One thing I've learned in the last few months is that I can set goals for my running and training, but I have to have a little more flexibility in them than I used to. I can't determine exactly when things will happen now, or how long I'll have to do a training segment - someone else plays a big part in determining that now, but that's part of being a mom. For me, recognizing that was a big part of getting comfortable with me new role, and my new training plans. I can't beat myself up when I miss a workout, because it's not entirely up to me now to get out there. I don't want to abandon having running & training goals, but I have to shape them a little differently.

    And then, as soon as you have that all under control, you'll find that your baby has developed a routine, and is big enough to allow you nice, dependable chunks of training time! Just don't use the jogging stroller until she's strong enough to have very good head control.. that jostling is really comforting for baby (oh boy does mine have good naps in there!), but can also really strain her neck!

    These are just my opinions.. I'm not trying to be preachy, just want to share my experience!

  6. My son will be 8 weeks on Monday. I take him out for runs almost every day. We take the jogger. I tend to go right after I feed him and I drive a good 20 minutes to the park. That normally puts him to sleep. Then he's good for maybe 30-45 minutes at the park. I'm doing pretty short runs though since I didn't run at all during my pregnancy. I don't know how well he'd do if I was going for an hour plus.

    Sorry I don't have more advice... I don't have a treadmill so we have to get out to run and the drive is the trick for us.

  7. Almost all of my running in the past 7.5 months (except for 2 treadmill runs) has involved someone (usually husband) watching Isaac so that I can get out and run. I need the break - I think it's good for my sanity! I have a jogging stroller but really would prefer to just walk with it. I still like my running times to be just me and the road. Could your husband or a friend or relative let you get out and run by yourself?

  8. Try reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby". It talks about getting your baby to sleep at the FIRST sign of being tired so as to avoid getting overtired. Getting overtired makes it really hard for them to fall asleep.

    Your jogger will be your best friend when it arrives. If your baby sleeps in the swing, I bet she'll sleep in the jogger. It may take some getting used to, but babies are resilient and figure out that they have to deal if you make them. It'll add a great upper body workout, too!


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