7 miles at 7 weeks

I made this goal for myself to be running 1 mile for each week of Ophelia's life, so far so good. With the time off I wasn't sure I'd do 7 today, but things felt great and I had to take advantage of the last day of sunny, warm weather. Sunny and 60s, perfect day for running in shorts, I love this time of year too bad the rain and highs of 30s/40s are returning tomorrow. Now just to keep gaining the speed back, finally back under 9 min miles for the first time since Fall.


  1. Yay! Don't you just love the feeling of being so light? If you have extra time, don't hold yourself back to 8 miles next week. Especially if the weather's nice!

  2. Wow! you will be back to pre-pregnancy and marathon running in no time! Great job!


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