Injury Averted, I hope

Running during pregnancy has taught me one good lesson, listen to your body! This is something I have never been very good at. I would continue to push through pains, never stopping before an injury got to the point of requiring me to take time off. I figured this time back I’d be fine since I had taken off 2 months completely and ran low mileage for a couple months before that. I also started back slowly with mostly walking.

This is why I was so confused when right leg pain started after only 2 weeks back to running. At this point I was only running 4-5 miles 3 days a week. This pain was very similar to what I have had the past 2 Springs, same leg, same general area, and same feeling. 2008 it ended up being posterior tibial tendonitis requiring 6 weeks off, PT, and a boot, 2009 it ended up being a distal tibial stress fracture, once again requiring a boot and 6 weeks off. This time I was determined to not let it get to anything bad. I found a new doctor who’s specialty was women’s sports medicine. Sounded perfect since I was only 5 weeks postpartum when I saw her. She was wonderful and had the answer to the injuries of the past 3 years, only difference I caught it this year before it got bad. The answer a tight Achilles which caused the other two injuries due to my stride and mechanics of muscle/tendons pulling. The requirement this time PT for stretching and off running until the pain is gone (1-2 weeks).

The best news after 1 week off and stretching, I am already pain free and back to running. With the time off I have gotten back on the trainer, wow I forgot how boring spending an hour on a bike indoors was. Time to get myself back in the pool so I can attempt another tri this summer.


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