Finally back outside (at least for a short time)

Little beach baby!
We just spent a week in Cozumel hoping for a week of sun and relaxation but instead we got a mix of sun, rain, clouds, and illness. The vacation started in typical me fashion with a flight delay and a mad dash through O'Hare to catch our connecting flight, but in the end we actually arrived in Cozumel early. The week was relaxing and time away, no internet or email to deal with and I even read a book.

Weatherwise the first few days were great: sunny and warm. Ophelia loved the beach and managed to keep most of the sand out of her mouth. She even made a few friends and made sure everyone talked to her, not sure where she got this outgoing personality since it wasn't from Matt or myself. Then the week turned and it was cloudy and rainy the rest of the week, we even woke to a leaking roof one night. It is just wrong that I spend half my time in pants and a sweatshirt!

The cold days!

It was great to get outside for a few runs last week. We found the road in front of our hotel to be pretty safe and low traffic and headed out for a few runs in the heat and sun. It seemed that every morning we'd get sun while we ran and then it disappeared just when we thought that day might actually turn nice. On other days I managed longer treadmill runs only to discover the treadmills were programmed to shut off at 1 hour, literally going from 7mm to nothing  in seconds, good thing I was prepared the second day but then I wasn't prepared for the power outage that occurred in the gym that morning during my run. Needless to say it was interesting, but I managed 5 days of running, 1 day on the elliptical and 2 days of weights plus a lot of morning walks around the resort with Ophelia before breakfast, so no complaints on the exercise.

I had fun watching others in the gym, this is who was in there with me: woman in high heel sandals walking on the treadmill while her barefoot child was running/jumping on the next one; guy who pounded so hard when he ran I thought he'd break the platform; guy who increased his speed every time I did and only lasted 15 minutes (I confess it was kind of fun watching him so I kept speeding up); couple who lifted weights while drinking coffee.

I found these at the airport (gluten free and peanut) yum!
We stayed at an all inclusive which I booked last Summer prior to all my issues, I figured gluten free in Mexico wouldn't be so tough, I was wrong and suffered much of the week (and still am). I quickly learned some safe foods: yogurt, fruit, grilled veggies, grilled fish, salad with guacamole/pico, rice, potatoes. Even with this I'm not so sure what else got into the foods or drinks. Traveling will take some work if this is the diet I need to stay with. I had another doctor appointment this week and she has a few more theories, mainly adrenal problems, which I will be tested for when I make it to work early enough and have fasted (this second part is tough). I also need to do some testing that involves avoiding certain foods for 48 hours, the dig ones being bananas (I eat one every morning for breakfast) and caffeine (this is the problem) on top of that no acetaminophen to combat the caffeine withdrawal headache those 2 days either.


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