I am a caffeine addict

Wow, I guess I have a lot to say lately! Today I am doing more testing that the last docotr ordered and this requires me to avoid a list of foods and medications the worst being caffeine. The timing is awful as I have now gotten the sickness that has struck at our house the past week and my head is about to explode from the pressure. On top of this I also need to avoid Tylenol, good thing I found an old bottle of ibuprofen in my drawer at work to combat this combined sinus/caffeine headache. Yes there are foods I need to avoid too but most of those are easy, except bananas which I eat everyday and pineapple which is nicely cut and sitting in the fridge. I am over 24 hours into this and will be done when I wake up tomorrow morning, so for now I sit here drinking my decaf (yes I know it still has a small amount of caffeine) in attempts to trick my body.

I just hope all this is worth it and I have some concrete answers soon, if not then we move on to yet another doctor. Right now the theories have moved on to an adrenal issue such as Addison's. After some research the symptoms do fit, but we'll see what the labs say. So far they aren't matching since my cortisol is actually elevated along with my albumin (although this can be related to the cortisol). Luckily I have access to reliable sources for my medical information and don't have to rely on dr. google to provide me with answers and tell me I have some incurable disease that needs some experimental treatment. Don't get me wrong I love the internet for research but information from unreliable sources in the wrong hands can be brutal to the general public and us in healthcare.


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