Happy Birthday Pumpkin Seed!

I can't believe that 1 year ago today my baby girl was born and I officially became a mother. She acquired the nickname Pumpkin Seed this Fall when she was wearing her "Little Pumpkin" pajamas and we decided that she was too small to be a pumpkin. What an educational and exciting year we've had.

Today I was thinking about how our lives have changed and I remembered this post and all the changes we had been told to expect. Well I don't think any of those things occurred: I do not own a minivan, we still travel, run, go out to dinner, sleep and haven't quit grad school. I still care about how I look, just a little less some days and all the pregnancy weight is long gone. We've just learned to incorporate a baby into these things, BOB is my best friend some days and the treadmill is a close second this Winter. Ophelia has a passport and so far she's been to California, Alabama, and Mexico. My advice (and some people may think this is wrong) make time for yourself. If I stopped running, traveling, sleeping, etc I wouldn't be a very good mother. It is true that some days nothing will go as you want, but you adapt and accept that there are days when the you won't shower, the house will be a mess and dinner will come from the freezer, but who cares. I've learned to get the important things done as early as possible in the day.

Ophelia has become such a great little girl with a huge personality. She is so inquisitive and loves to explore and socialize. She is also a climber and I am just waiting for the day when we need to make our first ER visit. She will eat just about anything as long as it has flavor: curry, chili, lentil tacos, anything Indian, lasagna, I could keep going! Just like her mom she doesn't like to sit and is constantly moving except to watch cooking shows or look through a cooking magazine, I might have a future chef on my hands! Happy Birthday Pumpkin Seed, mommy loves you and can't wait to see what the next year brings!


  1. "I don't own a minivan." Love it :)

    First, wow she is quite the good little eater. She is less picky than I am. Good for her. I regret not exposing my son to my tastes, textures (mainly because I didn't like it).

    Completely agree about still making time for yourself. So important!

    Happy Birthday to your little one!

    Your story is so encouraging to read- it sounds like you had it way worse than I did...but came back strong. Especially PR at your distances! I only hope to experience the same!


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