Am I really running a marathon tomorrow?

I was just asking myself that question earlier today. The answer is yes, but I honestly don't feel like I am. It's not that I don't feel prepared, I just am lacking that pre-marathon feeling that any runner knows. Originally I had this as my goal race since so many things went wrong prior to Boston, but now after a PR at Boston I wonder if I am fully ready to push for a PR tomorrow. Most days my body feels recovered, but others I wonder what I was thinking registering for this race.

This weekend is just busy so I don't have the time to sit around and focus on the race and tonight I even have plans to go a good friend's wine party fundraiser where I can't help but have a glass of wine (or two). I think it also isn't helping that it is almost 4pm and I have yet to pick up my race packet. I tried this morning after running an easy 5 miles with my team but was unsuccessful. I drove around for 20 minutes and couldn't find parking unless I paid $10. Not a problem for a race expo but this is only packet pick up and nothing else, guess I'll be heading back after dinner.

Who knows what the morning will bring, forcasted high of low 80s and a hilly, sunny course. Just planning to have a good race and have fun. The race does a Facebook tracker with status updates, so hopefully I'll be proud of the times at least.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope it's not super hot. They cancelled a half in Chicago this am due to the heat and a runner dying :(

    Stay cool!


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