Finally June and Summer

May just seemed to fly by, of course my month off from school had to be the fastest month, I could have used a little more time before I had to get back to study mode. Along with June came the nicer weather too, now I really lack the motivation to sit inside and study. May brought strange weather, one day outside in jackets and snow and the next shorts and nearly 90, then the weekends full of tornado warnings, hail and rain. We just need some nice sun and warmth. May did bring another taper and once again my inability to taper well. 
May Highlights
-Half marathon PR
-Running 213 miles (29hours 44min)
-Biking 2.5 hours (not too good especially when I have a duathlon coming up)
-Weights 2x week
-Back out running with the BOB
-Better at stretching after a run,maybe 75-80% of the time now

May Lows
-Chose sleep over morning workouts, I think I only managed 1 this month
-Still feeling the fatigue and abdominal pain of whatever is going on. Had more testing done and still no answers. I think I'm moving beyond conventional medicine (which is hard for me) to see a naturopath.
-Another semester starting with 2 Summer classes, yikes I haven't had this much for awhile.
-I learned I'm not good a raising fish, it took less then 1 week for 1 of the 3 to die. At least Ophelia is too young to realize there are fewer fish. 
-A toddler who has forgotten how to sleep at night. She goes to bed easily but then starts fussing and is awake until 10pm some nights.

June Goals/Plans
-Run a good marathon this weekend, PR if all falls into place
-PR at duathlon
-Bike more at least 2x week and bike to work on weekends
-Strength train 2-3x week, after Mpls I'll be working with my trainer again
-Plan more activities when I am home with Ophelia. She starts gymnastics the end of this month, but she gets bored at home and I get frustrated.
-Figure out my grad project (deadline for proposal is mid July)
-And once again; find an answer to to what is wrong with me since I'm starting to think I'm imagining it all and the next referral I'llget with be to a psychiatrist.

I started a calorie burn challenge through my gym and work last week. The goal is to burn 25,000 calories above BMR over 12 weeks and the top 3 people get iPods, Polar watches, etc. Why not? There are only 50 people in the challenge and as of yesterday I'm in 2nd place, very good considering I've been tapering. The only person ahead of me is a friend training for IM Madison,I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time catching her.


  1. I hope you win! Great prizes!

    Sorry you are still having stomach issues :(


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