Du @ the Dam

I'm ready to ride!
The last time I did a multisport race was 2 Summers ago at this exact race when I was pregnant. Since that race I’ve probably been on my bike (off the trainer) twice, this could be interesting! My goal is to beat my times from the race 2 years ago. Saturday morning I was getting packed for the race and realized I forgot how to plan for biking and anything other then running. This is so much more difficult then just running! Luckily the race is close to home so I had extra time to get everything together. I’m now starting to realize that due to the later race start and my 5:30am breakfast I’m going to be starving before the race starts, I grab a Lara Bar for the car ride and we’re off.

We get there with over 1 hour to spare, grab race packets and get bikes in transition with nearly 1 hour until race time. New this year was a Wave start with men starting 3 minutes before women, I make it my goal to catch as many men as I can, including Matt, during the run. Time to line up and a scope out the competition, recognizing a few women and also wondering why some are lined up in the front. One girl clearly didn’t belong in front and even stated this herself but remained in front.

Run 1: Distance 3.2 miles
The course is through a regional park on paved trails and dirt paths both uphill and downhill. I start out hoping to keep a 7min pace and with the lead women. By ½ mile 2 women are long gone, no way I can reach them, oh well. ¾ mile in I catch the first man, nice! By Mile 1 I’m passing the men pretty easily and just before Mile 2 I see Matt right as I had expected. The course was advertised as 3 miles, but I realize there’s more distance left, keep pushing it’s got to be close, maybe it was changed to a 5K. 5K came and went and I finally see the playground next to the transition. 3.2 miles done 22:31 (7min pace) 3rd woman.

I quickly grabbed my helmet, sunglasses and changed shoes and tried to grab a quick drink as I pushed my bike out. 1:00 could be better

Bike: Distance 14 miles
Time to get my confidence on my bike back. In the past the bike course was an out and back on a narrow park path, luckily this year it was changed to be on the roads. I start out slow not wanting to crash but at the same time trying not to be passed by too many people. Soon my confidence was coming back and I was speeding up and decreasing my breaking on curves, I was actually passing people! I look down at my pace and I’m now up to 18.5 mph, nice! I’m expecting Matt to catch me on the bike, on one of the out and back segments I see him about 1 mile behind me. Still feeling good with a few miles left, I look down at my computer and in the process send it flying, quick decision do I stop and try to get it without causing a crash or say forget it and keep going? Since it was cheap and I wanted a new one I went with the second choice. Soon we’re back in the park on paths with a lot of curves and sharp turns, time to slow down especially considering the guy in front of me just ran off the path and crashed into the weeds. Finally the end, I survived my first real bike in 2 years. 14miles 47:32 (17.7mph) 14th woman, yep this needs work.

Off my bike and into transition, I forgot how hard it was to walk after biking! Quick helmet off, hat on and change shoes. Quick drink on the way out and time to run again. 0:57 a little better, but needs work.

Run 2: Distance 3.2 miles
Wow I forgot how hard the second run was! Am I really moving? This is the same course so I know what to expect, keep moving forward and see who I can pass. Mile 1 and passing a woman, nice! I now see someone about 20 feet in front of me but just can’t catch her, finally I get there and pass. I still feel like I’m barely moving, but I see the opening of the trees and know there’s less then 1 mile to go. Keep going, can I pass anyone else? There’s the finishline! 3.2 miles done again 24:25 (7:35 pace yikes need to work on this) 5th woman.
Overall: 1:36:25 1st place age group finish and 9th woman
I head over to look at the results and I guess I haven’t finished yet but Matt has, what? I look again and sure enough listed at my time is my husband. Did we mix up our chips? No I have the right number. Not unexpected for this race, the RD is well organized but the courses are often different distances then advertised and he’ll start late to let people get ready, but they’re cheap and have good post-race food so why not. Matt finishes and we get the results fixed, I was originally told just leave it and we can just know the “real” results, uh no I want my recognition!


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