Minneapolis Marathon

So far this year I've been wondering if we were ever getting Spring or Summer, with snow and many 40 degree days in May I wasn't so sure. Of course our first 90 degree day came on Friday just in time to run a marathon. As I posted yesterday I was really wondering if I was running a marathon since it just didn't feel like it. This feeling continued race morning.

I went into this race without any expectations, 2 small glasses of wine Saturday night an upset stomach and even more GI issues on Sunday morning all made me wonder why I was even attempting. I lined up near the 3:30 pacer and started with a comfortable pace trying not to pay attention to my watch. From the start I just wasn't feeling it and even considered cutting off at the half marathon turn around.

Some how I was managing to run a pretty even pace around 7:30 miles and by Mile 7 was with the 3:20 pacer who was running 7:20s despite his sign saying 7:38/mile. Oh well take advantage of the cooler start and shad and bank some time for later when the heat kicks in even worse. Around Mile 9 the half marathon split off,my legs were sore and I wasn't racing well so I considered only running the half but the split came and went and I continued on with the 3:20 pacer for another few miles. 13.1 miles done at just under 1:40, keep this up and I'll have a huge PR! 

My energy and motivation returned as the course headed into a state park for Miles 14-18. Miles 14-16 were mostly flat with some downhill and shaded! Then came the dirt trail where I nearly ended my race as I hit a stick that rolled under my foot, luckily I caught myself but that could have been bad. Mile18 was awful, I think this is the steepest hill I've even ran during a race! Luckily I got to the top of the hill, turned the corner and there was my cheering section and just past them my team's water stop. I also had someone yelled to me that I was 5th or 6th woman, what?! Okay keep going, I can do this, top10 finish here I come.

Mile 20 and I think someone cranked the heat up, yuck! The shade is gone and there are more hills, why did I decide to run a marathon that's mainly an out and back on my least favorite road to run in the cities? Finally there are sprinklers at the next few water stops, I consider just taking a break and hanging out for awhile, no keep going. Mile 21 and here comes the 3:30 pacer behind me, okay keep him in sight. Mile 22 and now my legs/pelvis aren't happy all I'm thinking about is those unlucky women who end up with pelvic stress fractures, got to love the thoughts that occur during 3+ hours of brutal running. Mile 25 and another nasty hill, come on enough of this. Finally I can hear the finish area, by now I know I can't PR but Top 10 might still be in reach. There it is the wonderful finish line! 3:33:59 (My 3rd best marathon). Even better 2nd place AG finish and 7th woman! I did it Top 10. 

I'm happy with the race considering the conditions and course and being 6 weeks from a great race at Boston. Now time to focus a little more on biking for the duathlon in 3 weeks and get back to work with my trainer.        


  1. Oh my gosh! that's awesome...imagine a cooler day and a flat course...you would have totally PR'ed!


  2. Hi there! I have been reading your blog for quite some time (well, actually over a year and I have read all your posts from the very beginning) but I never commented.
    Since I have read all the posts I have seen how much you have improved over time and especially since you have had a baby. Nice job!!! It is quite impressive. Just wanted to let you know:)

    Also nicely done in the marathon!!!

  3. I'd be THRILLED with that time in such heat!! When you ran a faster time there, did you place higher? I guess it's a way to see if you've relatively improved and the heat just held everyone back. How hot did it get, by the way? Now that I'm big pregnant mamma, I'm really sensitive to the idea of heat, so I was suffering with you! Anyway, super impressive!

  4. Thanks!

    I think it was near 80 by the end of the race. A perfect non-running day :-) and nothing compared to the 103F we had on Tuesday!


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