Back on the bike

I am registered for a duathlon on Saturday and the last time I wrote my bike outside was probably this same duathlon 2 years ago. I have a tendency to fall so as my belly grew during my pregnancy I stuck with the safety of the trainer and then last Summer running with an infant was much easier so biking too low priority. This past Winter I finally got consistent on the trainer, but the cold Spring made getting outside easy to push off since I am not a cold weather biker.

Not so sure of this thing on my head!

Ready to go!
Since early May my goal has been to bike to work on the weekends, but rain has kept that from happening. Then the past few weeks I've been telling Matt we needed to get out and once again there was rain. Finally last night I put on my bike pants, yes pants in June, and decided I'd brave the winds and temps of 50. After 3 days in a row on the trainer it would be nice to get outside, but I was still nervous. I really only needed this ride to remind myself how to clip in/out of my pedals since I have a history of falling and breaking things on my bike.

We got Ophelia in her helmet and the Burley ready to go and we were off. Withing minutes my confidence was returning. I successfully rode my bike outside for 45 minutes without crashing. Even better I was accompanied by Matt and giggling toddler, she loved it!  Now we can actually get in some biking this Summer.


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