Great start to 2012

Finally getting myself back into morning workouts and eating better after the holiday food is gone. It is amazing what better eating does for one's body. The fatigue and headaches of the past couple weeks are gone. I hope this is an indication of what's coming this year. Week 2 of Boston training shaped up to be a good one. Only 99 more days until race day...

Sunday: 6 miles easy + strength/core
Monday: 9 miles (3 mile w/u 6 x 2min at 5K pace 3 mile c/d)
Tuesday: morning 45 min bike / evening strength + core
Wednesday: morning 45 min bike / evening 8.5 miles (2 mile w/u 2 x 2 mile at half marathon pace 2.5 mile c/d)
Thursday: morning 45 min bike / afternoon 1.5 mile run + 1 hour strength/core with trainer
Friday: 9 miles easy run
Saturday: 16.5 miles LSD run

This weather has helped greatly with training too, now to remind myself that I still need to bring water on long runs in the Winter and determine my best race fueling plan.


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