Love/Hate relationship

I have a love hate relationship with my treadmill and today that relationship was as far to the hate end as it could be. After a few days of below zero temperatures I had big plans to get in my long run today (instead of Saturday) but by the time I left work I had the choice of running outside in freezing rain with likely icy sidewalks or staying safe and dry on the treadmill. I reluctantly chose the second option. Armed with my iPod, Reality Bites on DVD, water and gels I headed downstairs to my treadmill. Typically my treadmill runs start out tough and get easier after a few minutes, but not today I think I fought through the mental toughness for nearly half the run. Finally things clicked after about 11 miles, then the movie was done! I switch to my iPod and ended up with a string of 80s/90s music including NKOTB and Beck. Last year was my 15 year reunion being part of the planning committee I had compiled the music from our school years onto my iPod for that night. I typically run with my "running" playlist but today just hit play and was hit with all reunion songs, it's surprising how much Hanging Tough helps speed up the pace! 2:25:14 later I was done with 18.25 miles (7:57 pace).

Now the love side of the relationship. The treadmill has gotten me through many days being at home with an infant and now toddler. Over the past (almost) 2 years I have used my treadmill more then I have in the entire 10 years I've owned it. Without I don't think I'd have been able to train. Nap time is always a perfect time to run and it is just so convenient. And last year after breaking my arm and being told no running on the ice it saved my Boston training. Now that we have a nice snow coating again I think my relationship with the treadmill will be rekindled.

After a week of vacation it's back to training...
Marathon training week 5:
M: 9.1 miles with 2 mile w/u 5 miles at half marathon pace 2 mile c/d
T: morning 45 min bike trainer and evening weights
W: 10.3 mile temp run
T: 1 mile w/u easy run + 1 hour strength with trainer
F: 45 min bike trainer
S: 8.3 miles easy
S: 18.25 miles at marathon pace


  1. 18 miles on a dreadmill??? YOWSERS!!! That is one tough mental exercise - nice work!!


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