What month is this?

January is the midwest usually means snow, wind and below freezing temperatures. Not this year, it is truly Spring like outside. All this week (and part of December) we've experienced record highs of 50s, minimal snow (which is now mostly gone) and lots of sunshine. It feels more like Spring then Winter.

Open water!
I normally dread this time of year, suffer fatigue, sluggishness, and just blahs from lack of sun and time outside. This year has been great, my attitude I so much better. I walked out of work yesterday to sun and 50F, didn't need a jacket and felt such a happiness. It is amazing what this weather does for one's attitude and mood. Running outside is perfect, trails are clear and no risk of falling on the ice. I think I have only needed my tights once so far. I'm loving this, well minus the fact that the city has decided that between the months of November and March no one needs to use a restroom while they are out on the running/walking trails. I am almost tempted to put on sundress, grab a glass of sauvignon blanc and hit the deck, but maybe I'll save that. This year I can handle living here in the Winter, I won't be requesting to move daily.


  1. I am the same way in the winter! We're in TX for two years, so I'm soaking up the sunshine and feel like I'm a much more positive person than my typical January personality. :) But a very small part of me does miss the snow!


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