Happy Birthday

2 years ago I started this crazy adventure called motherhood. I should have known that based on my own personality and the comment from our fertility doctor at the 6 week ultrasound "this is a stubborn one" that life would be interesting, never a dull moment with her around. At 41 weeks and 1 day with a little help Ophelia finally decided to enter the world, I don't blame her 2010 was a cold and nasty January, who really wanted to go out in that anyways?

Wanting to know what is happening from the first minute, guess I know why she doesn't nap.
Looking back over the last year the changes have been tremendous. I am amazed at what an inquisitive and compassionate little girl she has turned into. She is the first to offer a hug or kiss to make someone feel better or a back rub if your sore. The words just flow from her mouth, so days I'm amazed at the things she says while still continuing to sign (I still say this was one of the best parenting decisions we made). My petite little girl is the eater, everyone comments on the amount and type of foods; every fruit/vegetable, sushi, tofu (which she requests), spicy Indian and Thai foods, lobster and enchiladas with guacamole to her list. No need for a kid's menu here. Yet somehow all the running and climbing she does balances out the eating. She is a nonstop mover (not sure who she gets this from...) and loves to dance, swim, run and jump. She is a true girl loving her dresses, but still wanting to get dirty and play with the boys.

The final product: My Elmo Beach Cake
We spent yesterday baking, another of her favorite activities. Apple cupcakes (some with caramel) from the Baby Cakes Cookbook with a few changes and Banana Cornmeal Cake based on This recipe I used maple syrup, whole wheat flour and no need for xanthan or starch. Both were wonderful and at least I can feel like I am feeding my kid and myself healthy desserts. Per her request we also served "noodles" macaroni n' cheese made extra creamy with acorn squash puree, "broccoli" veggies with hummus, bread and "berries" fruit tray.
After a busy morning/afternoon it's time to relax, find a glass of wine and enjoy the silence that now fills my house (my SIL has 4 young boys who tend to produce some chaos wherever they go). Oh and watch the dreaded cold weather come back just in time for an 18 mile run tomorrow morning.

Birthday Princess


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet Ophelia! Ohmygoodness, she sounds so much like my daughter-- she was never a great napper, she moves nonstop and eats everything (I was actually concerned that she doesn't know when she's full, but like your daughter, I think she's just burning it all off)... and she talks nonstop. :) They would be best buds! Good luck on your 18 miler, too!


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