6 days to go...Marathon Weekly

Week 17 and feeling pretty good, mentally I am ready! Loving this Fall weather and cool running mornings with sunny afternoons. Not to mention apples, pumpkin and everything else that goes along with Fall!

Monday: Morning 45 minutes bike and afternoon strength
Tuesday: Evening run coaching 6.5 miles hills
Wednesday: Morning 45 minutes bike, Strength with trainer
Thursday: Sleep! And 7.5 mile run afternoon, perfect weather 1:02:03
Friday: Morning 10 mile run and afternoon core/strength
Saturday: Work then BBQ with my run group. Day off to relax
Sunday: 11 mile run 1:28:33 and afternoon core/strength

Week 18 and long anticipated marathon week has arrived! Yikes, here I sit stalking and obsessing over the weather highs 50/lows upper 30s sounds pretty good to me!

Monday: Not sure, pilates, yoga, bike. All I know is no running. Seeing sports chiro today
Tuesday: Evening run coaching
Wednesday: 13+ hours at work (yep I already know), hoping for a core workout at some point
Thursday: Morning easy 3-4 mile run
Friday: Morning bike
Saturday: Easy morning run/walk
Sunday: Marathon! I have goals but trying something new this time and not sharing…

How was your week in training? What is your favorite thing about Fall?


  1. Good luck on your marathon!! It sounds like the weather will be perfect for you!

    My favorite thing about fall is running, of course. :) I love the cooler mornings and fall racing. I ran a half marathon over the weekend and it was beautiful weather here too.

    1. Hoping th weather continues as they are saying. I could use good running weather for a change :)

  2. Good luck! I have a marathon the same day and I do not think my running last week was quite as diligent as yours; I certainly let the 'taper' get to me and my motivation was lacking. I am ready for this race to be over!

  3. Woot for race week! Excited for you!

  4. I am doing a weekly countdown to my "big race" too - which is just a 5K but it's my first race post-baby so it seems like a big deal. Plus, it's a 5K within a marathon relay so I don't want to let my team down. My running buddy is doing a 10K leg and she wants to go for a 5 miler today... Eek! I haven't run that far in almost a year!

  5. Good luck this weekend!!! Running in the fall is the thing I am missing the most this year!

  6. This weekend I wasn't training, I was RACING! My recap is on the blog today if you are interested. My favorite thing about fall is the changing leaves. They are such brilliant, beautiful colors. I just love looking at them!

  7. Best of luck this weekend, so excited for you!!

  8. 18 weeks! Way to go ;) I hope you have perfect weather for your race!

  9. Good luck this weekend Jen!!! I know you will do awesome!!!


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