A late but needed marathon report

2013 has not been my year (heck 2012 wasn’t much to brag about either) and I have neglected many race reports since I feel like they started to sound like a list of excuses and whining. But I think this race deserves a post…

A couple months ago I was in the midst of marathon training, looking towards a new job and realizing I was not where I wanted to be and made the decision to find a different goal race. This one much closer to home and cheaper (even with the loss from the other entry). The race was close enough to head down after lunch on Saturday and arrive in time for O to run the kidsK, she was thrilled, even better the race started at the same start line as our marathon! For days she’d been telling me no one was running with her, she was big enough to run alone, so she did. She walked up to the start shoot and immediately made a friend; a 5 yo girl who she asked to run with her. This girl already had her mom running along side her, she promptly turned to me on side and informed me they could start together but she was sure my kid would be able to keep up. While this was an untimed fun race, this mom now turned it into a competition!

They were off and there was O giving high 5s and smiling as she ran. The course was perfect as it circled a large parking lot making it easy to catch her a multiple spots. Soon we were nearing the finish and guess what that 5yo (and mom) were walking way back on the course! Way to go O! With her huge smile she can running across the finish line and collected her medal before heading to the food table “just like mommy and daddy’s race” I was impressed with the production for kids, O had a blast and medal in hand.

Matt and I stayed at a cute bed and breakfast Saturday night while O was with my parents. I was slightly disappointed to find wine glasses in our room that would go unused! Heck I even considered drinking my UCAN from one on Sunday morning! After much debate on clothing I finally settled on my new CW-X tights, 2 shirts, arm compression sleeves, jackets, mittens…yep I freeze and tend to over dress! After deciding to drive to the start we waited until the final minute to line up…

I had in my head to start slow but soon I was off and had quickly caught with the 1:45 pacer (half) who I realized I knew. This was fine, I felt it was a nice pace, we talked and caught up since it had been 5 years since we’d run together. Soon the half marathoners were turning at Mile 3 and we continued. I thought why not, just run what feels good because I assumed as some point my leg would quit. The miles were ticking away 7:43, 7:58, 7:50, 7:46

Not the big hill! Up and turn, up and turn….8:13 but now downhill! 7:33 And the sun is out, for now! The course continued much this way, uphill then downhill, sun out then rain and clouds…but I kept running 7:40s-7:50! Where did this come from? Mile 10 and I knew my family would be around soon, time to decide if I needed to get rid of a shirt, keep running but jacket off, shirt off, jacket back on and ready to go. There they are just past Mile 11, I throw my shirt, grab my UCAN and I am off. Still running 7:40-7:50 pace. I sip as I go and keep running wanting to not lose anything but get this UCAN in.

Half Marathon split: 1:43:20 Wow! I’m on PR pace, this has got to end, right?!

The next couple miles continue great: 7:47, 7:45 Then  Mile 16 Uphill and into the wind, yuck! 8:11. And the turn, wind is gone, yes! Miles 17, 18, 19 downhill and continue on pace 7:30s. and the course in now on paved tree lined trails, beautiful! High 5s with the cheerleaders and I keep going thinking every little twinge will be the end of the leg. Miles 20-22 I’m doing this, really can I PR after such lack of great training due to injury? Mile 23 the answer comes and it is NO! Yep the leg is done with 3 miles to go, each getting progressively slower but I’m still running. Finally I see the finish line in sight, what can I still give? Ugh not much…3:30:52! Nearly a PR! I felt great, no GI issues, energy stayed, no wall for me, just a leg that had enough!

What had I just accomplished! I am thrilled, now on the healing and a great 2014!


  1. Awesome, Jen! You deserve a confidence boosting run!! Congrats again on an awesome race!

  2. Great job! You must be walking on a cloud!!

  3. Wow, congrats on the awesome race!!

  4. Congratulations Jen!!!! I'm sooo glad you had a great race!!!

  5. Wow...after an injury to run that kind of time is amazing. Glad you had a run to boost your confidence. That will help you PR the next time!

  6. Wow - great job!! So sorry that the leg didn't last those 3 extra miles but still an incredible race!!!

  7. Congratulations! Super bummed your leg started bothering you near the end, but that is AWESOME that you performed so well! Enjoy your accomplishment :D

  8. Congratulations, AWESOME job!!! So sorry the leg bothered you a little, but you still had an amazing time!!! Very impressive!!!

  9. Congrats - I love it when you don't have high expectations and it turns out better than you could have imagined! Way to go!


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