Taper during craziness

A whole lot of soles...: Let explain this taper madness and marathoning thing
I’m not sure if the high level of craziness in my life right now is making this taper easier or harder. My time to run is limited but after a tough day the first thing I need is a run! I am trying to be smart and take it easy, but after a good feeling 10 miler on Sunday I am feeling great and ready to go. The weather isn’t helping either, 70s and sunny…perfect! I got out of work early, so what do I do? Go run of course! Hit up an old favorite and ran the lakes, perfect views, perfect weather…October in a sports bra what else could you want?
Thursday afternoon at the lakes!
Of course day repeated this and after bringing O to school I had to take advantage of my day off and run. Thanks to Dawn for dealing with my crazy schedule this morning and running her first post-marathon run with me. 10 miles felt great. I love these fall mornings, a little cool but sunny and comfortable.

Earlier this week I saw my sports chiro again and had more work on the leg, yikes I could tell over a month has passed. Despite having my rehab ball and work and working the hamstring daily that is no comparison to the pain inflicted during this treatment! She is also suggesting that after the marathon I consider either a PRP (protein rich plasma) injection or stem cell injection to my hamstring. If anything it would have to be the first since neither are covered by my insurance and I’m sure not cheap…sucks! Does anyone have experience with these injections? I think we are hitting a wall, the ART is helping but for an issue that has been ongoing for almost 2 years it isn’t enough. I plan to take time off running soon and in the future will schedule no running weeks in every few months.

So what else am I doing wrong this taper? Well, I’ve broke my no alcohol rule, but it is well deserved. I love a glass of wine or two when I relax at night and after a long day, sick kiddo and recovering puppy I need it. Heck we even went to a wine tasting last night! A little date night out. I’m trying to eat good, but have crept back to easy to grab snacks again. I’ve gone through more granola bars and processed foods in the past month than I have all year. Need to focus on better packing for work. Do you have any taper rituals?

Still working on the hydration/salt issue and thought I had been doing good (tracking shows I’m doing better). This week I’ve had 3 episodes similar to what got me to finally go in last month. Luckily they haven’t been as bad but I’m thinking this means the cardiologist wasn’t completely right on his answer. Might be time to schedule the further testing.

Happy Friday! Good Luck to everyone running this weekend, What are your plans? Back to weather stalking for me before heading for our afternoon long appointment with the alternative medicine vet for Morgan. 
He loves his ice time, chemo Round 1 is over, 4-5 more to go...


  1. When I have the crazy in my life, that's when I need the run even more. Good luck girly. I know it's tough to taper.

  2. I've gotten way off track during training for my first marathon. Food is out of control! I've staying exactly on my plan so far, but only about 1/2 way through so I'm sure taper week is going to be crazy!

  3. I'm running my first ultra race (50 miles) this weekend - I'm mostly ready to have it done!!!

  4. I've never done either treatment but I've heard promising results with PRP. Good luck on getting through the rest of your taper!

  5. Hang in there. Bummer about the treatments... good luck figuring out what to do. Extra rest built in is smart!

  6. Great post! I totally understand about trying to taper the right way. I love running and I feel that I'm not quite doing enough. Now I've got a head cold and feel that I want to just go run and sweat it out!

  7. The taper always = craziness! I'm curious about PRP.


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