8 weeks to go

It seems like last week I was looking at the first week of Boston training and now we have 8 weeks to go. This training has been less than great with illness and nasty weather my runs have been tough. I finally feel like with 8 weeks to go I can say I'm really training!

2 weeks ago I ended with a 20 miler cut short due to hip issues which I relate fully to the nasty road conditions but after another session of muscle work and acupuncture I felt better. See I guess in my old age I'm getting smarter and learning to listen! After a steroid course and then antibiotics I think I have finally kicked this illness for good, now to down the pro-biotics in hopes of not messing up my gut. I am also nearly 1 month into being dairy free again and know this is helping everything.

Last week I ended on Saturday with a great run, I needed this mentally to tell me I wasn't out of my element. So how did the rest of the week go....
Pre-run ritual

Monday: Yoga and strength
Tuesday: 1 hour bike morning and 7 mile hill run evening outside in 40 degrees!
Wednesday: 6 miles: Tempo morning and strength + 4 miles: 1/4 mile repeats afternoon
Thursday: 1 hour bike morning and yoga afternoon
Friday: 2 mile easy run and strength morning and 1 hour bike afternoon
Saturday: 17.5 miles at Marathon Pace and faster (7:48 avg) when you're stuck on the treadmill make it worth it!
Sunday: 1 hour bike and core

Mentally I needed this week to tell me I can run again. I've rethought my Boston goal and plan to just enjoy the race and focus on other races for PRs.

Hope everyone else is having better weather and great running. It looks like my 20 miler this week will be on the treadmill again, ugh!


  1. Great job Jen! Hope the weather gets better so you can run outside soon!

  2. Great week! And that drink looks yummy

  3. You can Do it!! Keep up the training. Stay safe and Injury Free! I know you will do great at Boston!


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