Snow, Steroids and Marathon Training??

I am less than 10 weeks from my 3rd Boston Marathon (25th marathon) and beginning to wonder if I will even be close to fully trained. I have already started rethinking my lofty goals and plan to just have fun. Can this winter get any worse for training? I mean multiple days in a row of temps never reaching + numbers with many wind chills -40 or worse, snow packed sidewalks and paths and very little warm up in there! Remind me why I stay here!

Now top that with illness after illness and you’ve got a tough run. I finally gave in after 2+ weeks of a nasty cough that turned in wheezing and barely being able to walk up the stairs and saw my doctor. I’ve had asthma since childhood but have not owned an inhaler in years, I know my triggers (cold air being the and respiratory illness being the worst) and tend to avoid. But this time I lost. I’m sure my constant on the go mentality isn’t helping, but I finally gave in skipped the gym rested and took care of myself! Not to mention the massive doses of steroids I’ve been taking for the past few days! Wonder if they will make me even stronger, kidding! But I can finally breath! I even ran yesterday, it was slow but it was a run.

And now with all hopes and excitement I look at the extended forecast and see upper 30s and can’t wait to run outside. Lungs clear, weather better…bring on the winter running! Can't wait to get out this weekend and try out the new snowshoes too.

So excited to get outside to run today, then enjoy a relaxing hour at the salon getting my hair cut! Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 


  1. We have the same hopeful forecast! It's ridiculous how excited I am to see 30s and 40s coming our way. Hope you get some solid training in over the next few weeks!

  2. Love the "warm" weather that's been working its way through. =)

  3. good luck with your training... glad youre feeling better!!

  4. I'm cautiously optimistic about the upcoming forecast. Happy you're feeling better! The cold + ashtma makes it impossible for me to run outside. Hopeully the forecasts will be true and we can all get outside!


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