A new plan...Weekly Goals

Well this past week didn’t quite go as planned! After my unexpected time off I had to rethink the plans and focus elsewhere instead. Luckily the week was packed with Halloween fun for O.
Super Cooper!

Fitness Goals
  • Morning workouts Monday through Friday – 3 Days only
  • P90X3 x 6 days and 2 more core focused – Lots of core! 6 Days of X3
  • Try a new workout – I did HIIT bike and elliptical workouts
  • 3 pull ups in a row (stuck at 2 right now!) - Almost
  • Run 3 days, no technology, just run whatever pace and distance feel good – No running!

Non Fitness Goals
  • Stick with meal plan this week – Yes!
  • Blog 3-4 days – Yes!
  • Start editing my thesis proposal – This is the plan for today
  • Work on organizing downstairs – Started but a lot more to do

I’m sure I’m not alone in not believing how quick this year is going, how can it already be November? I was at the store yesterday and already Christmas stuff fills the shelves! On the positive side it is a new month and a little closer to vacation and warmer weather, right?! One more week in the boot and no running (at least) then I can reassess and see how it feels but I’m not sure my Thanksgiving Day 10K will be happening. This week I plan to focus on healthy eating and other types of workouts.

Fitness Goals
  • Morning workouts Monday through Saturday
  • P90X3 x 7 days
  • Swim
  • Get my bike on the trainer
  • Read more about Maffetone Training, anyone used this method? Thoughts?

Non Fitness Goals
  • Stick with meal plan this week (Guess I better make one first!)
  • Blog 4 days
  • Research low carb, high fat, high protein diet for vegans. Taking a little time to look at every aspect of my life to see how it might improve my running. Thoughts?

What are your goals this week? This month?

Off to meet my team, then get on my bike trainer and watch NYC Marathon! Good luck to everyone running today, I’m hoping that will be my fall race next year.


  1. Hope the injury gets better quickly Jen! Cooper looks adorable in the costume!!!


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