Surviving a Running Injury!

I’m working really hard through this injury to not get too upset and frustrated and not return too early. Trying to look at the positive that it came at the perfect time, if that exists for a running injury! I do have a 10K on Thanksgiving but nothing else planned after that and likely won’t start marathon training until February.

Here are my tips to survive an injury…

Find new workouts I’ve been on my bike more this week than in the past few months, plan to swim today and have ordered a few new workout DVDs.

Focus on weaknesses For me this is core, glute and flexibility. I’m doing pilates twice a week at least, yoga and even tried Ab Ripper, yikes!

Focus on what you can do For me this is strength work. I have seen great upper body and core changes and hope to make these even better. I’m also enjoying the time to focus on yoga, my bike and modifying P90X3 workouts.

Eat Healthy After a marathon I tend to overdo the treats and don’t stop. Last year I gained 10 lbs after the marathon. From October to June I slowly put on pound after pound until I was too frustrated and said enough! This year that is not happening. I am taking this time to meal plan, snack plan while allowing myself to indulge.

Plan next race season Why not? I can’t run so I guess I’ll plan for it. I’m also researching new training methods that might be better for my body.

Relax! I’m enjoying sleeping in on weekends, spending time with family and outings with friends.

How do you get through an injury without going crazy?


  1. I'm right there with ya Jen! I went to the doctor about my's a strain. He said I can run to keep my streak going but only 1 mile a day. No long runs until I have no more pain...and my next half is December 6th! It's tough being injured for sure!

  2. It is so hard being injured, I know first hand! Just take it slow and easy and you will be back full force before you know it. #fitnessfriday

  3. I find a way to stay as active as I can. I remember doing P90X modified in a boot. Made a huge difference in my mindset!

    Jen, would you mind helping me spread the word about Fitness Friday by including the badge in your post or sidebar? Thanks so much!

  4. Ahhh, perfect timing. I've been losing my fitness focus while dealing with an injury that has me out of the running game too. Came across the UA SweatADay November challenge on Instagram and jumped right in. Feeling better already! Happy healing :)


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