Peroneus Tendon Injury- Finally a Diagnosis

26 Days! Yes, that’s how long it has been since my last run. 26 days ago I was outside running in shorts and a tank and enjoying sun and warmth. 2 weeks later we got our first snow (that never left) and today it is 8* so I guess this is a good time for some running rest considering they have yet to clear the sidewalks and I still need to purchase a new treadmill. Suggestions?

Winter is here, yuck!
3 weeks in the boot and now my back is a mess thanks to the uneven walking so I decided to see my great sports chiro and have my SI worked on. Even though I wasn’t there for my foot/ankle she was intrigued and wanted to look into the mystery injury so we dug back into our anatomy lab days to remember all the small tendon insertion points and got to work. After her exam we had ruled out a stress fracture (which I was 90% sure was not the injury) and were thinking peroneus tendon sheath inflammation and possible subluxation. I frequently feel a pop and roll my foot to get things back in place, in the past we had thought cuboid subluxation but it may actually be an odd peroneus tendon subluxation. I mean it fits perfectly, intense pain along the tendon sheath and 1 mm off no pain.

She decided to “strip” through my peroneal muscle and yikes! It was tight and nasty. Next up acupuncture in this muscle, I wimped out from the needles in my foot (too many bad memories of cortisone injections in my foot!). My back feels better and I have an answer for the foot.

My plan is now lots of rolling of the peroneus muscle, ibuprofen to decrease inflammation (my foot is still swollen!) and ice. Of course still no running. Through my research it appears that 4 weeks is the magic number and I will hit 4 weeks on Sunday, no I don’t plan to jump right back but hope to be walking out of the boot. I also found that this injury can with asymptomatic for a long time, so it likely did not occur when the pain started but built over weeks to months before. And not surprising it too is related to weak core muscles! Looks like my years of weak core, post-baby running did a number on my legs. Good thing I’m focusing on my faults and working hard to come back stronger and faster!

Happy Friday, What are your weekend plans? Check out Fitness Friday and see what others are up to.


  1. Wow! Rest up and get better- sounds painful! I am getting a virtual 10K done in the morning and maybe a movie. I hope the 4 weeks is a magic point for you!


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