9 Days and lots to think about!

What a day and not what I had expected! Lots to think about in the next nine days (more realistically 8 days). The big questions that embraces my mind is whether to run or not. Not happy today!

For the past month my hamstring has been achy, nothing big but achy and tight off and on. I decided to fix it early this time rather than waiting years like in the past and scheduled an appointment with PT.
Tuesday I ran 10 miles with 8 tempo pace, or that was the intention. I tried to get at 7:30 pace and no go. Slow down to 8:00 pace and fine. Ugh! I continued to run and fond anything under 7:50 and pain. I finished at a slower pace and immediately scheduled with my chiro. Wednesday brought graston and acupuncture and then came Thursday morning and the PT eval.

After 1 ½ hour eval and the PT needing the think aloud to figure out my complexity I was swimming with information. Our plan is intense hamstring eccentric exercise.

The Good
My core is no longer a useless weak part and glutes finally work! So last summer’s PT and my new strength focus fixed these issues.
I can still run and a marathon shouldn’t make things worse.
I should be great by a fall marathon.

The Bad
My right leg is weak and has less range of motion.
My back may also be an issue.
Running the marathon will likely delay my full recovery.
If 6-8 weeks of PT doesn’t work then I meet with the doctor about PRP or stem cell injections.

So as you can see I have lots to consider…
Run the marathon, potentially delaying my leg recovery, maybe causing time off, likely not running a great race, but finishing. I have done the training and the work.
Run the half still slower than I’d want but not causing as much issue in the near future. Pay for hotel but not lose race entry fee.
Not run and maybe do something (half marathon) later in May close to home. No hotel fee but lose race entry. Maybe ready to run a little faster.

My head is swimming with possibilities. My brain and heart are thinking different things. I think I know my answer but am waiting to fully decide. Thursday I ran it felt fine and so is this morning. So frustrating!

Linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday! Happy Friday, What are your weekend plans?


  1. That is such a tough one... I know what choice my brain would opt for BUT it wouldn't be the best long-term option. (I'm not good at the long-term thinking like that!) Do what is best for you and your body! Injuries and recovery are such a frustration, though...

    Weekend plans for me - a quick 2 to 3 mile run tomorrow and then going on a roadtrip to a neighboring church to listen to my brother preach on Sunday! Hope you have a great weekend and can fit in some rest for your legs!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  2. Oh Jen! How frustrating for you! I know you'll make the right decision for you!

  3. I'm sorry you're going through this Jen. In the end you'll know what's right for you and your running health.


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