Marathon weekly! Updates and taper

What a crazy week! I am officially in taper mode so watch out! I feel like this training just started and now I’m less than 3 weeks from my 27th marathon! I think a lot is due to finally getting good weather. I just had my highest mileage week in over 6 months which seems odd considering it was under 50 miles!
This was Friday!
Monday: Lift chest/back/abs
Tuesday: 5.5 mile hill run
Wednesday: 7 mile interval run and lift arms/abs
Thursday: 9 mile (7 mile tempo 7:30 pace)
Friday: P90X Cardio X and abs
Saturday: 22 miles at 8:40 pace
Sunday: 4 miles easy with Cooper and MRTT friends

2 days later on Sunday!
Like I mentioned on Friday my hamstring was acting up but luckily was better thanks to lots of rolling. Let’s just hope this was it. Mentally I can’t handle any issues during taper! Hoping for continued good weather and running.

Monday: Lift legs/back/abs
Tuesday: Intervals: 7x800m at 6:30 pace
Wednesday: Kickboxing and lift arms/abs
Thursday: 6 miles (4 mile tempo 7:15 pace)
Friday: P90X Cardio X and chest/back/abs
Saturday: 16 miles
Sunday: Easy run and yoga

My goals this week are to…
  1. Get in all workouts
  2. Focus on nutrition- eat only when hungry!
  3. Foam roll daily
  4. Be in bed at 9pm

How was your week? What goals do you have this week?


  1. Awesome paces, Jen! It looks like the 3 days of running is really working well for you. Enjoy the crazy taper!


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