Marathon Week, Still Deciding

Marathon week is here (yes I‘m still calling it that even though I may not run). So far the leg is good this week and hoping taper is what I needed to kick the problem. Last week went pretty well (besides the hamstring and PT!). So far my focus is PT exercises and not hurting the leg.

Monday: P90X Chest/Arms/Abs
Tuesday: Tempo 1 mile easy 8 miles at 7:30 1 mile easy 10 miles but couldn’t get under 7:55 without pain.
Wednesday: P90X Cardio X and Back/Arms/Abs
Thursday: 6 miles with 3x1600 at 6:45 then back to PT!
Friday: P90X Arms/Abs
Saturday: Kickboxing
Sunday: Indoor Triathlon 10 miles (7 alone then 3 with Cooper) 1:24:04 and felt good

This is it 6 days to go and a big decision to make, I have until Saturday to cancel our hotel so why not procrastinate the decision until them?! Right now the weather forecast for Sunday is bouncing between upper 70s and 80s but includes thunderstorms. This could be a rough race even without an injury. I haven’t run in anything like this since we were in Mexico in January and my longest run then was 10 miles.

Monday: P90X Arms/Abs
Tuesday: 30 min easy run with 5x 1 min pick ups
Wednesday: P90X Cardio X and Back/Chest/Abs
Thursday: 30 min easy run with 4x 1 min pick ups
Friday: P90X Arms/Abs and yoga
Saturday: Easy 2-3 miles
Sunday: Hopefully marathon #27!


What are your goals this week? My focus is following my nutrition plan, daily PT exercises, foam rolling and relaxing (or as much as I can when this is the last week of the semester).


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