Menu Plans and What to Eat Marathon Week

Since the past few weeks have been so busy and the even busier work season is approaching I’ve been easing my way back into weekly meal planning and Sunday meal prep. Despite being uncertain about the marathon in 7 days I am planning to eat this week like I am running (I’ll know my final answer before I hit carb load days!) and focus on my pre marathon week of eating with the recommendations from my nutritionist.

How to eat the week of a marathon
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods Don't you just love how red wine is included?!
  • Whole Grain Carbohydrates
  • Whole Foods/Minimal Processed
  • Healthy Fats and higher fats up to the carb load days. This helps your muscles learn to burn fat during the race better utilizing glycogen stores.
  • Higher Carbs for 24 hours before My nutritionist has me planning 3.6g carbohydrate for every lb of body weight and consuming 2800 calories the day before. The new thought is women need even higher carb loads immediately pre-race than men.
  • Drink Water and Beet Juice! Yep beet juice, I love beets which help increase blood flow to muscles (and everywhere) plus decrease inflammation.
Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid - PositiveMedPositiveMed | Where Positive Thinking Impacts Life

Menu Plan
Sunday: Lentil veggie enchiladas
Monday: Vegan mac n cheese
Tuesday: Oats with berries pre-run and smoothie after
Wednesday: Tofu scramble and veggies
Thursday: Veggie burgers and sweet potatoes
Friday: Quinoa tempeh stir fry
Saturday: Roasted sweet potatoes with quinoa and veggies
Tempeh stir fry!

Other foods (lunch/snack)…
Salad with beets, avocado and hemp seeds
Fruit, nuts, veggies, hummus
Airpopped popcorn

Today the plan is to cut veggies, make hummus, granola and snack bars make tomorrow’s meal and most importantly shop!

What are your go to pre-race meals? 


  1. You're so prepared- awesome! Fingers crossed you can still run!!

  2. I hope you make it to race day! Before races I like to keep it pretty simple so as not to upset my tummy sticking to bland pasta, oatmeal, bagels and bananas and hard boiled eggs.


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