Are you Kidding?

This weekend was less than great for me as a runner! Saturday weather returned me to the reality of what winter can bring. I woke with wind chills below 0 and had to cancel on meeting my friends, meaning my long run was relocated inside to the treadmill. As a runner with Raynaud's anything this cold is miserable! Heck I pull out the hand warmers for much warmer than that. For some reason my hands and feet seem to be less happy with cold each year, a part of aging maybe? Who knows but I am really close to talking with my doctor about meds to deal with this. I already take magnesium and Vit B and the only other fix of moving to warm a climate is out!

18 very long, less than fun miles with a tight leg. Luckily I have Netflix to distract so what better time for junk TV! The Secret Life of The American Teenager was my distraction. Any other shows I should check out for future runs?

Fast forward to Sunday and guess what...after only 6 days the cyst behind my knee returned 😫 Are you serious? At this rate I will be in for weekly aspirations if we don't find a better solution. I used compression, avoid ibuprofen and still. Ugh! Luckily it isn't really achy or tight yet just there.

This week my plan is another bigger mileage week and consistent strength and core work. My biggest goal is not eating too many cookies! What are your goals this week?

Today this guy would have turned 10, miss my first baby. Happy Birthday Morgan! This picture was the day we found out he had osteosarcoma and would be having surgery to removed his leg, O still says this is her favorite picture.

Happy Christmas Week!


  1. Hugs hugs hugs at the would have turned ten.

  2. That is a serious case of Raynaud's you got there! And circulation definitely decreases with age. And I totally hear you about trying not to eat to many treats. I had several meals of holiday desserts this weekend!

    1. I know! :(
      I have a terrible sweet tooth so treats are my weakness!

  3. I also have Raynaud's. I don't take extra Magnesium. Did yours improve when you started taking it?

    1. I think it has worked a little but nothing significant unfortunately


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