Friday Fun!

What happened to the days when sleeping in meant 9 or 10am or even later? Not 5:45 like today, which truly is sleeping in for me. So here I am relaxing as much as one can while trying to get a 5 year old out the in the midst of a kitchen in the middle of installing new appliances, filled with boxes and tools! I sit here and think about what's been happening and the good of the week in the midst of chaos and frustrations...

1) Warm Weather! Okay so you southerners may not agree that the 40s we have now is warm but for us midwesterners this is tropical in December. I ran yesterday afternoon in shorts! Talk about a mental run and something I needed, smiling the entire time. We got in on the trails that are typically snow covered and closed long before now and Cooper experienced his first deer sighting.
No Snow!

2) The New UCAN Cinnamon Swirl Bar! You all know I love UCAN and while I ate the PB Chocolate Bar and like it, I wouldn't rave about it because I am one of those weird people who aren't chocolate obsessed! I actually don't really like chocolate. So I was thrilled to have a nonchocolate bar and even better one that doesn't melt! Stocking up on these for sure!

3) The Knee... Of course after I get the MRI and a plan and have a month of enlarging cyst it is now shrinking just in time to have it drained on Monday. I'm not saying it is gone but this is how it goes, growing and shrinking. I plan to see the doctor morning since he will also evaluate for any other hidden problems with ultrasound but who knows maybe I won't need it drained.

4) MRTT Fun Last night we held our annual holiday party. Love spending time with these wonderful ladies running, eating, drinking and just laughing. Who knew that 5 years ago when I sat searching for a group on other mother runners to join that the group I helped to start would have grown into this! Friendships, stories, support and more both on and off the running trails.

5) Christmas Fun Weekend! Starting tonight with the Nutcracker, ever since last year O has been asking to go back, hoping to make this our tradition. Saturday is filled with Santa breakfast and games at the gym followed by Charlie Brown Christmas play in the afternoon. Hopefully ending the day by finally getting lights and ornaments on the tree and making the house look a little festive with only 2 weeks to go! Yikes, where did the time go?!

So much for relaxing, guess who's backpack is sitting on the chair across from me while she is at school?! Have a great weekend! Any fun plans? 

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  1. Sleeping in is 5:45 am, wow! Haha, it sounds like you've been having a lot of fun lately. I'm loving the warm weather too, figures that I'm not running as much right now to fully enjoy it!

    1. I love all the fun around the holidays, just gets hectic at times. Enjoy your warmer weather :)

  2. I know how you feel with the sleeping in til 5:45. And yes, yes, yes to the warm weather! I hope your knee cyst gets its ish together!

    1. Thanks, I hope things get figured out soon too. I just a want a fully functioning body!

  3. We have been really lucky here. It's suppose to get up to 60 this wkend in central Pa. Which is so unheard of during this time of yr. But I'll take it. Soon enough there will be snow on the ground.

    1. Enjoy the 60s, sounds amazing! Yes, I'm sure we will be running in the snow soon enough.

  4. 5:45 is definitely not sleeping in. You are one strong lady! I hope your Christmas fun week was awesome1 Visiting from the link up!

    Ashely @


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