Knee Update and Giveaway

Monday was the day I said goodbye to my lovely knee cyst (at least for now)! I met with one of the two local doctors I was referred to for this, tough area to aspirate and multiple complications if not done correctly so my ortho was only okay with two people, luckily one was at my work!

First he did an ultrasound to look for any other potential issues and find out locations of important structures in relation to my cyst. The popliteal artery was 3 cm away so we were safe. He saw a connection to the join space but no other injury. So again, no idea why this happened!

Next came the fun of draining! Luckily he injected the lidocaine first which was less than pleasant, Ouch! Then pulled off this...Nice clear joint fluid

I have a 50/50 chance of this thing returning. Next time he will further scar the cystic sac to hopefully prevent more recurrence. For now I am in compression all the time and need to avoid any anti-inflammatory meds to help scarring. Luckily I have a collection of compression socks for my nondressy work days! And best part no restrictions on activity. I ran yesterday but it was sore.

Now for a little giveaway and plea...
After 7 years of coaching I decided to raise $ for CCFA when I run New Orleans Marathon in February, I'm asking for your help and donating to this great cause
For every $25 donation this week you will be entered to win a runner's gift box! Just donate through link above and I will notify winner on Saturday.
Runners Gift Box Packaging

Who's ready for the holidays? I'm on the hunt for an ugly sweater for a party and need to do lots of baking!


  1. I had a cyst removed in my neck earlier this year, it came out of no where and in like 3 days was nearly the size of a baseball, we never did figure out what caused it. They said it just happens at random sometimes. So much better after they drained it. But I was sore for about 3-4 days after. So I think you'll have zero soreness to run in a few days.
    Good luck finding the ugly sweater your looking for!!!

    1. Good to hear! Today is 2 days so sounds like I should be great by long run 😊

  2. Wowsers!! Glad to see it was clear-that is always a good sign BUT look at that needle--jeezus!!!

    Good luck in your healing.



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