Stupid Knee!

Since last winter/spring I've been dealing with this weird mass that would come and go behind my left knee. In the beginning it never hurt, it was just odd and on occasion it came with a pressure. It went away much of the summer until August when it pretty much decided to make home behind my knee expanding and shrinking just to keep me guessing if it would be gone!
I started my research and decided it must be a Baker's Cyst but how? These are usually associated with a meniscus tear, but I have no knee pain other than some mild aches sometimes after a long run. As I started back to marathon training I decided it was time to deal with this and know if there was an underlying issue.

On one of the rare not busy days at work a couple weeks ago I headed over to talk with the ortho PA. On exam my medial line was mildly tender and some laxity. Then he noticed the large scar on my knee from last winter's fall. Remember my lovely long run in Mexico..

Unable to straighten left knee for awhile!
So it was off to MRI, thinking that the fall had caused a meniscus injury and later the cyst. I spent last weekend attempting to read my MRI, digging apart every little irregularity trying to decide if it was something or not. The cyst was obvious but all else not so much.
Pretty obvious, right?!

Luckily having connections helps and I was seen by the sports medicine ortho dr on Wednesday and the verdict...No Meniscus injury! My knee is fine minus the cyst which makes no sense since they are usually associated with something. She thinking I got a small tear in the capsule and it is leaking but the knee itself is fine So we discussed options and with the location near the saphenous nerve and the poor outcome of herself and other surgeons in removing these she is reluctant to go this direction. I am too! Next step ultrasound guided drainage which is only done by two specialists (she would trust) in the area, luckily one is at my work and the other is the dr I saw for my hamstring! Drainage is only a temporary fix and will likely need to be done over. If this fails I may be looking at a procedure to block the leak, ugh! 

Anyone have experience with a Baker's Cyst? Any other advice?

At least I am able to run and the fear of a big knee injury has been removed. Luckily this was my cutback week so I took it easy and the cyst is slightly smaller. Have a great weekend! Any fun plans? We are planning to see Santa and the community bonfire tonight thanks to unseasonably warm weather! 

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  1. So I randomly got one of these (or something similar) in college and honestly it seemed stress related and not activity related for me. But who knows. The health clinic doctor on campus lanced and drained it and then packed it. I called it my leg tampon. My roommate was not amused. Haha. That helped it for a bit but it got weird again here and there and again it seemed very clearly stress related. I got the entire thing removed in 2005/2006 by a physician (or surgeon I guess?) at Park Nicollet. It was pretty quick and easy. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, I'm having it drained Monday so hoping this does the trick.

  2. Wow that is a hard injury to deal with, I would take it easy for a little bit. With my anatomy background it doesn't sound good. Good luck and keep us posted.

    1. No restrictions so luckily I can keep running since my knee is structurally fine :) Only pain comes from the fluid causing pressure so with all the injuries I've had I'll take this one!


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