Weekly Menu Plan

I said one of my goals for 2016 was to focus on nutrition and with this get back to meal planning and prep on Sunday. So I decided to link up with Laura for her weekly Menu Planning

An unexpected day off work meant I got some much needed extra hours of sleep and was reminded how big my little girl is getting. She woke up at 7am and not only got herself breakfast but also got down coffee cups and made a pot of coffee! I'm drinking it as I type and she did pretty good. Now the important part...Figuring out what to eat this week for the right balance of leftovers, future freezer meals and not too much since we leave Friday on vacation.

Sunday: Bean and pepper chili
Monday: Chickpea avocado wraps with roasted sweet potatoes
Tuesday: Chickpea wild rice soup
Wednesday: Chickpea nuggets with roasted veggies/potatoes
Thursday: Black bean tacos
Friday: Airport dinner, any suggestions for healthy eating at JFK during a layover?
Saturday: Yummy Cruise Dinner
Sunday: Yummy Cruise Dinner

What's on your menu this week? 

Speaking of traveling, What are your go to travel snacks and food to pack? I always bring small packs of hummus, veggies and crackers, homemade granola, small almond butter packs and fruit, Lara Bars, Perfect Foods Bars, UCAN Bars. I figure this can get me through anything in case I can't fund safe food.


  1. I'm so impressed that she made your coffee!! Glad you're linking up with us, I missed having you in the link up! :-)

  2. Enjoy your upcoming vacation! I need to do more cooking with chickpeas, the soup sounds really interesting!


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