Attempting Ultra Training

While I may have run many marathons I have yet to actually train for anything longer. A few years back I was registered for a 50K but was injured and unable to run trails until just a week prior so I wasn't able to train or run the race. 2 weeks ago I finished RnR NOLA (recap is coming this week!) and using that as part of 50K training. With just under 5 weeks to go I am focusing on the 50K (with some speedwork too since I have a half in 2 months) while still being smart and listening to my body. I also have this week off work, yay!, so getting in lots of focused workouts hoping to stick with a good plan once back to work. The past few weeks have meant getting back out with friends and pushing each other to run faster and further while working through stresses of life and motherhood.

Running buddy:
Source: ilovetorun

Monday: 7.5 mile run 58.10: 1 mile w/u 5 mile at 7:20 1.5 mile c/d and Arms/Shoulders
Tuesday: Chest/Back and kickboxing
Wednesday: 7-8 mile run with 5-6 on trails and Arms/Shoulders
Thursday: 12 x 400 at 6-6:15 pace and Legs/Core
Friday: Chest/Back and Spin
Saturday: 14-16 mile run
Sunday: Piyo 

What is your plan this week? What is your next race? I am still planning my 2016 races and looking at a few more RnR races including Chicago and San Antonio. Any input on these? Join me at any RnR race in 2016 and save $15 with code marathonmom2016


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