Friday Five: Updates and Changes!

This past week I’ve had time to think, look at how things are going, figure out some answers, have fun and stress out all at the same time! A lot has been going on lately, some I have hinted at. Things around here have meant crazy busy days for me and less blogging. So here is my updates…

1. I became an official Dance Mom this past weekend! O had her first competition and they did great, placing 1st and 2nd in their category and earning two platinum medals and excellence for their tap. In a way this hurts her because now she thinks she can practice less, ugh! How to get a 6 year old to understand the balance between practicing enough and not too much, being good but not focusing on perfection.

2. Spring Fever and looking ahead to better running weather has struck! I will be broke by April if I keep up my current ways!! This week I have bought 2 pairs or running shoes (stocking up before they are gone, thanks to Adidas discontinuing mine), ProCompression socks and am now shopping for a new Garmin Any advice? I just registered for another destination race in Chicago and Ragnar. I’m registered for the Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Certification Course for Health/Medical Professionals which I am so excited about! Plus I’m planning on starting with a coach in May.
My purchases!
3. You know how sometimes things just all of a sudden seem to be working, well over the past few months it was like I hit a plateau with lifting and wasn’t seeing or feeling changes. This past week I feel like I can do more, run faster, am stronger and am seeing the changes! I love this. I’m sure the few months of holiday eating didn’t help either, haha! Great timing as I’m now in a better place to stick with my routine again.

4. This past week I got to pretend to be a stay at home mom again while O was on spring break! That was a rollercoaster full of ups and downs! Being mom to a strong willed, emotional kid can be difficult. One moment she is giggling and happy then the next focused on how we aren’t eating ice cream for lunch or why she can’t walk to her friend’s house alone! Believe me she has very good arguments for whatever she feels should be happening. I think I’m raising a future lawyer! But then she graciously gives her cookie away or walks out of a restaurant without argument when I can’t eat there.

5. The reason for my week off…I start a new job on Monday! I’m sad to leave some of my great colleagues but happy for the new adventure. Luckily I am staying with the same organization so transitioning will be easier. It will be a huge change for me. I’m a little scared and excited at the same time. I can grow my own practice now and see a huge variety of patients. I will have set hours meaning no more unexpected 10+ hour days or 50+ hour weeks, I will be close to home (I can bike to work), I can be home a couple mornings and afternoons with O. I don’t start until later than I used to meaning I can actually run or workout in the morning without waking up at 4am!! I’m excited to see how all this will improve my training.

How was your week? Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Wow you've got lots on the go. I think with Garmin it depends what functions you would use. They have the new ones like the Fenix that are gorgeous and have tons of features but they're super expensive. Plus I know I would never use those features so paying for them just doesn't make sense.


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