Back to Work Meal Planning

My spring break is coming to an end tomorrow with a to do list that is still half full! My main goal with returning to work with hours that will get me home a little later is to meal plan and prep. I have decided that Sunday will be time to prep at least one extra meal and Wednesday when I work afternoon only I will make something either in slow cooker or ready to be thrown in oven that night.
I like this to do list better!
We are now on day 8 of gluten free for O so this adds to the importance of planning. She is similar to me with inconclusive blood tests (not low enough to be negative but not high enough to be positive). So we are doing a 3 month trial and rechecking some of her other tests for her liver and thyroid which are off and can be due to celiac.

Sunday: BeanChili and Cornbread
Monday: Veggie Pizza
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Dinner Out
Thursday: Tofu Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps
Friday: Wraps and Sweet Potatoes
Saturday: Black Bean Quesadillas

What is on your menu this week? Do you prep ahead for the week?

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