Friday, May 20, 2016

Five for Friday: Running...

I know I keep saying I'm going to get better at blogging, I write many posts in my head but never find time for it to leave my head! I want to revamp my blog and get a fresh start so stay tuned...

My running life is taking a few turns right now and here's what up with me and running...

I signed up for a bucket list race: Flying Pig Marathon! Almost a year away but looking forward to a fun girls' weekend. Who's run this? Any advice?

I'm almost done with week 2 of working with my new coach Nichole! It has been fun to see the workouts she has planned. I feel like I am pushing myself more so I don't disappoint her! I know I keep getting the question: why does a coach need a coach? I do, I mean I get how to train for a marathon and how to train others but having outside feedback and fresh eyes watching your training will help me so much.

My Mother's Day present was a new Garmin 235! I love it, so much fun playing with new gadgets and apps. Now just to figure how to stop it from notifying me of every app on my phone! Anyone know? I like getting text and call notifications but don't need to know when a friend posts to Facebook!
 Garmin Forerunner 235, Frost Blue
I ran a half marathon this past weekend and everything went wrong! It was cold and windy (20s at start) and I was still struggling with hamstring issues after the 5K the week earlier. I ran a few miles at 7:30 pace with a friend then got a pain in my leg and knew I had to be smart, I backed off and took it easy. I ended up back tracking later in the race and "finished" with another friend running the half as part of 19 mile training run. 15.5 miles for me at that half!

Now I'm running quality workouts, doing strength training, PT exercises, having acupuncture and graston to glute the next step is improving nutrition. I am learning all I can about metabolic efficiency (becoming certified soon) and I will be my first client! Putting all the pieces in place for a great training cycle and a great race!

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans? Dance recital and gymnastics show for us!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day with a Win

As a runner what else would a mom want to do on Mother's Day but run?! To make it even better that race stared at 9:15 (Kid's run at 9am) and was close to home meaning I actually got to sleep in for once. Thanks to the later start I got up, ate breakfast, relaxed and drank coffee before getting ready. Before leaving I grabbed my latest concoction: UCAN Blondie (a cookie dough like mix of chickpeas, UCAN Cinnamon, UCAN Vanilla and Almond Butter).

We got there early, grabbed our swag and shirts and relaxed until race start. The Kid's 1K headed out first. O lined up near the front with a big smile. The race was open to 10 and under so she was one of the younger kids but stayed right with the older ones!
Go O!
I grabbed a picture of O running by and did my own little warm up while I waited for her to finish and my race to start. A little disorganized as they gathered the 5K. I tried to get my spot near the front as I looked around and saw younger kids, strollers and plenty of racers with their bibs pinned to the cotton race shirts on the start line. I found a spot behind a few people and next to a woman with a stroller and black shirt guy (who ended up winning). And we were off...

I know this course way too well, all the hills and when they will be coming! And I mean hills and lots of hills! The first 1/2 mile or so is flat so I pushed, chasing black shirt guy. Soon it was just him and I running. Mile 1: 6:35 oops! Can I keep this up? I know the hills are getting worse...

Soon I lost black shirt guy around some curves, We hit the turn around, now I could see how far my competition was behind! The first woman I passed on the way back was a good minute or more behind and young (later found out she was 13)! It was kind of fun running on out and back, lots of cheers as I passed. I was slowing, my hamstring was sore. I had no one ahead in site and no one near behind. Mentally I lost my fight...
That is black shirt guy!
And done! 1st woman and 2nd place behind black shirt guy. 21:15 finish (6:52 pace)! So excited and a great prize pack! Now I have more to strive for. I need to get under 21 min (which I know I can do) and would even love to get a sub 20!

O and I with our awards!
After the race I ran the 2.5 miles home. We finished the day with a family bike ride and time at the park. Then Matt cooked dinner: Apple rosemary tempeh (pork chops for the non-veg), asparagus and potatoes. Cupcakes for dessert.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Anyone else race? How did you spend Mother's Day?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's in store for May?

I think I say this every month but how is it already May?! Somehow April brought hot days, running in shorts and sitting outside but starting May we are back in 30s, running in winter gear and freezing outside! Figure it out Mother Nature!
  • O had her final dance competition and improved from the first!
  • We are almost done with 2 months of gluten free for O. 1 month to go before we can recheck blood tests.
  • I Finished my first 50K I was hoping for 5 hours but the heat made it tough and I can’t complain about 5:31 and 5th OA woman! I promise the recap will be up this week.
  • Back to speed work once a week! At least before the race.
  • I started to walk at lunch I usually got in 1-2 days a week, it’s a start!
  • I finished Whole30 or at least my version allowing quinoa, veg protein and the occasional red wine! I finished with some deviation.
  • We celebrated our 14th anniversary with a nice dinner and quiet evening after my 50K.
  • O started softball and they won the first game!
  • Prince...I couldn't comment on April without talking about my favorite artist and his recent death. On Thursday 21st  I worked all morning and when I got back to my desk my phone was full of texts... I was lucky enough to have seen him perform multiple times in my life but would have loved to share that with O when she was a little older. 

I’m so excited for May and better weather and  lots of activities including the real start of race season!
  • Run my first half marathon of the year hoping to be back in the 1:30s for a finish, ultimate goal is to regain my spot as a top finisher like I was at this race pre-injury days!
  • Dance recitals and gymnastics shows for O!
  • Running 5K with O to start our running year!
  • I start working with a coach this month. Can’t wait to see what changes this can bring. 
  • My current reading
  • I will be taking the Metabolic Efficiency Certification Course for Medical Providers in May. I can’t wait to use this to improve my training and help others. I’m loving the info in the books so far.
  • Yoga once a week! This month I will do it!

What are your May goals? What was the best thing of April?