It's a Heat Wave!

I was so excited to go for a run outside today, but having done my last outside run in Hawaii in 80 degrees, I over dressed a little. I wasn't sure if my body would be used to the weather, but I was quickly shedding the gloves and unzipping my jacket, I even wished I had worn shorts! Come on it is 38 degrees and sunny! Today's run called for more running overall, but the average pace was a little slower just due to having to work through the snow. It was so nice to not run looking at a brick wall or a TV screen.
Warm up 2 min
Run 12 min
Walk 3 min
Run 12 min
Walk 3 min
Run 12 min
Cool down 3:30 min

Total Distance 5.3 miles at 8:58 Average Pace.


  1. Nice! I am happy that you're able to ramp up the run vs. walk ratio a bit!


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