What a week...

So let me see what has happened this week, Monday was the biggest day of change. I am a student again! I am back in a Master's program and will be finished in just over a year as a clinical nurse specialist. Also on Monday I accepted an adjunct faculty position starting this semester. Wow, I became a student and a teacher all in one day! Can you believe it, I will be responsible for the education of tomorrow's nurses?!
Tuesday night was the Team in Training 20th Anniversary Celebration. It was a great opportunity to see people from both the Honolulu and Phoenix teams that I had trained with and wish the Phoenix team luck as they run this weekend. Hopefully they will have better weather than the record cold I had when I ran it last year.
The remainder of the week was pretty boring, besides the massive headache I have been suffering since Thursday, causing me to skip Friday's workout. But in other news, Matt is back to running and made up for my missed workout on Friday by getting in a few miles of his own.
The other excitement is that 3 weeks from today, we will be landing in warm and sunny Jamaica!


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