30 weeks

Some how 30 weeks seems likes a big milestone and so much closer to the end than even 29 weeks did, as of today I only have 68 days left (hopefully a few less). With the continued shoulder pain I am really hoping that baby comes a little (1-2 weeks) early to give me some relief. We think it is related to the hiatal hernia I had fixed many years ago, with the pressure of a growing baby things have loosened up again. Fingers crossed it fixes itself after she is born.

I have not really run in nearly 2 weeks and the pelvic pain is now gone. I think I have been on the elliptical more these past couple weeks than I have all year. Between elliptical and biking and maybe a swim I think I can make it through. I do plan to run on Saturday with my team, they run Vegas in 3 weeks and I hope to be able to do a little running with them each week until the race.

This week I took a breastfeeding class, kind of brought back some suppressed memories of being a 20 year old undergrad and having to teach a new mom to breastfeed during a clinical. I knew nothing at that point and I think the mom taught me more than I taught her. The most important thing I took away from the class was that the caffeine I drink will hit baby when feeding 4 hours later, so no coffee with dinner, good to know for this coffee addict. I can’t wait to get back to more than 2 cups a day if I need it.


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