Baby Shower

This past weekend was the baby shower with friends. Sarah decided to go with a tea party theme and broke out the good china. The food was wonderful, all kinds of great appetizers, little sandwiches, caramel apples, and of course the pumpkin scones that I am still eating. Hannah even helped out by making everyone's name tags for the table.

We got a lot of the essentials plus more clothes this weekend, I think it helped that many of my friends are so close to this stage of parenthood that they gave gifts that they appreciated for their newborns. Sarah is not only a talented cook, but also great at sewing. She made baby's gifts: a sling carrier that Sara and 4 weeks old Olivia tried out for us, and a sweater, hat and booties. I'm exicted to try out the Miracle Blanket from Sara that she says is wonderful.

I felt like a kid as Sarah took pics of the gifts (she had to try out the new camera).

The preggos, Me (31 1/2 weeks) & Sarah (24 1/2 weeks), and her girls trying to get in the picture.



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