31 Weeks

I ran again this past week, 10 miles on Saturday with my team, it was slow and easy, but I did it and it actually felt pretty good. I had no pain during my run, but as soon as I sat down it started, I think the worst part of running is the pain that comes once I sit down  and trying to get out of the car after I drive home is pretty tough. I have 2 more weeks of coaching, which means 2 weeks until we go to Vegas, and plan to only run with my team and then reassess my ability to run once their season is done.

Other than the run, the past week was filled with baby showers and lots of new items for the baby. As soon as Matt is done painting the frog mural the furniture will be put in the room and I can start organizing, probably within the next week. Over the past week I have also lost my belly button, it’s not quite an outie yet but it isn’t really an innie anymore either, just kind of flat.


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