Baby Showers

This past weekend was the start of the baby showers, Matt's family threw one on Saturday and my family on Sunday. Being a registry stalker didn't really work since many of the things that were bought never came off the list, which caused a few duplicates or more as in the case of spoons. We ended up with 4 packages of baby spoons, I think that is more than the number of adult spoons we have in the house.

After two showers, the baby now has a bigger wardrobe than Matt and she isn't even born yet, but I have to agree with everyone that little girl's clothes are so cute and fun to buy. She also has lots of toys, bibs and diapers. Oh and all the bath stuff that we registered for was bought, are people trying to tell us something? After checking everything out, Morgan has found his favorite toy already, the Baby Einstein Octopus, he even learned how to make it sing.

Why am I leaning? I look like I'm about to fall over.

The 3 great-grandchildren to be, Matt's cousin's wife (March), me (January) and Matt's sister (February).


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