34 Weeks

I must have grown again because the amount of comments the past few days has really increased. Some of my fears have were alleviated at my appointment on Tuesday when I was told that she is head down, I’ve been waiting for this so I could stop worrying that she’d stay head up. I’m also continuing to have a lot of Braxton-Hicks, but they aren’t doing anything so no worries from the doctor.

All the furniture is in baby's room, but there is still a ways to go before things will be ready. We still need to buy a car seat and wash all the clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Oh and I really need to organize. I've gotten as far as taking the tags off all the 0-3 month clothes, blankets, towels, and sheets which now sit in a basket ready for the laundry fairy to show up. Where is this nesting instinct when I need it?! I keep getting asked if my hospital bag is ready, huh? Obviously these people don't know me too well, I'm sure this will consist of throwing things together at the last minute while in labor.

I think I may really be done with running at this point, my team is done training until Spring and running during Vegas half was tough. I continue to spend a lot of time on the elliptical and do a little yoga, I am also planning to get in the pool this weekend. We may get in one final race this year since Matt felt the name was completely appropriate for me right now, next weekend in the Winter Waddle 5K and it seems perfect for a preggo race.


  1. ha - Winter Waddle, love the name! Looks to me like you're just a slim girl with a belly stuck on front - lucky you, well done for staying so healthy and fit looking! good luck with catching that whole "nesting bug" thing.


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