36 Weeks and Christmas

Merry Christmas, we’re in the middle of a lovely snow storm here that has been said to rival the one we got on Halloween of 1991. So far hasn’t been too bad since we’re staying around home and have Matt’s truck to get us through. Very thankful for that since the Saab managed to get stuck twice yesterday.

Looks like there is no chance that I will get any relief from the shortness of breath when she drops since she can't get much lower without being born. You know she's way down when the OB says "Wow, that's one low baby!" Even though she's low, she still manages to put her feet in my ribs, wonder how tall she's going to be. Otherwise, I got confirmation that she is head down and learned that the contractions and the pressure of the baby's head are actually doing a little. No dilation yet, but I am effaced, that's progress from 2 weeks ago. Oh, and here comes the heartburn! First consistent heartburn I’ve had all pregnancy, maybe it’s all the Clementines I’ve been eating lately or just the fact that there isn’t much room left for anything other then baby.

I am still managing to get to the gym for 1 hour on the elliptical pretty much every day. I'm also back to doing pre-natal yoga and continuing to lift weights 2 to 3 days a week. These workouts actually keep me awake and help with my much decreasing energy level.

I am actually making progress on the "to do" too. Baby now has something that resembles a room, everything is washed and put away, I started getting things out of boxes which means we now have a box pile in the hall, and baby shower thank you cards are finished. The only thing really left to do is to pack the hospital bag.


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