Vegas Adventure

The trip to Vegas did not start as planned, but with my flying history it wasn’t surprising. I hate not flying non-stop, but ended up booking our flight with a layover in LA, seemed a little odd to fly past our endpoint and back. As soon as we got on the plane the captain announced a mechanical issue that needed to be fixed, this actually took quite a long time and by the time we left our flight out of LA had already departed. We finally arrived in LA 1 hour after we should have landed in Vegas and found out there were no flights until the morning. We were given two options: (1) a 4-5 hour bus ride to Vegas that night, arriving to the airport around 1am or (2) a night in a LA hotel with a morning flight. We were only offered option 2 if you asked, and this crabby, hungry and tired pregnant woman was asking for something better than the bus ride.

The flight from LA wasn’t without its issues either. First, I lost my boarding pass and then when we boarded they once again announced the mechanical issues. This did not go over well with the people on the plane who had been on the Friday flight. We did manage to take off with only a 30 minute delay, but as soon as we were in the air the oxygen masks in the row in front of us dropped down. Luckily it was just something with the latch and no others fell, as they weren’t really needed. So after all this we finally arrived at our Vegas hotel around 10am on Saturday about 16 hours after expected.

We met up with my team for a trip to the marathon expo on Saturday. I think this was the most crowded expo I have ever seen, it was worse than Chicago. We did buy a couple things for baby since this was the first time a marathon expo had infant clothes (at least since we started looking last Spring).

We wandered the Strip a little and found this wonderful Indian buffet for lunch before a nap and the team pasta dinner. Sunday morning was the race, which started at 6:15, and the weather was a little chilly, 34F. Celine Dion and Cher sang the National Anthem, which I missed since I decided to avoid the mass chaos of 29 corrals and meet my first runner at Mile 1. The half was an out and back along the Strip so this worked pretty well, I hung out and ran with my team between Miles 1-5 and then crossed to the other side and caught them again from Miles 9-13 until I finally finished with the Boston coach. I saw Matt and ran with him for little early on and he was already having Achilles pain from the start, but he did manage to find $20 when entering his corral. Overall it was a good race for my team, even a few PRs and everyone had fun.

My team before heading to the start

Matt ready to run marathon #5.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. Sunday we had an early dinner, fish tacos with chips and guacamole, and then back to the hotel where I was sleeping by 8pm. Monday we met some of my team for a buffet breakfast, no better way to eat for a pregnant woman who just ran a half marathon, and then a little more walking along the Strip before heading home. The flight home was completely uneventful, but I was not happy to come home to cold and snowstorms.


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