The issues with adult learning

Why is it that adults don't seem to listen during classes and always have to monopolize the time with stories about how they are so much more special than everyone else? Matt and I went to Childbirth class yesterday since I figured it would be helpful in feeling prepared and we'd probably learn something. It has been about 10 years since I had OB class/clinicals in school and I wasn't interested at the time so I didn't pay much attention, but after yesterday I guess I must have learned a lot more than I thought. The most important thing I did learn were where I go when I'm in labor and how to get discounted parking. Otherwise I now know all about one guy's allergies, another couple's friend's kid who had to wear a helmet as a baby, a woman who was given a crib and mattress, and all the statistics about the hospital I'm delivering at according to a woman in the class. I'm sure I learned more about personal lives, but I started tuning out people when the stories were repeated before the first break.

Then after lunch came the interesting part when we got to pull out the pillows and blankets, naptime right?! Not quite time to learn to relax, anyone who knows me will know that attempting to teach me this is pretty worthless. I have issues sitting and not being active and no matter how hard I have tried to relax with yoga it just doesn't happen, too boring! This is one of the reasons I don't plan on having an epidural, that and the fact that having a needle put in my spine creeps me out. Baby looks to be taking after her mom, during the time of relaxing she decided to increase her activity and start kicking and punching. Next the talk turned to how Matt needed to encourage me and tell me how great I was. This quickly had us both laughing, although the instructor did say laughter was a good way to relax.


  1. Oh boy! I remember all those comments, usually punctuated with labor horror stories! Don't you wish folks would zip it sometimes?

    PS - are you still running?

  2. My last real run was 2 weeks ago. The pain from running was increasing so I decided it was time to stop. It actually worked out well since the paths are now icy and we've had a lot of snow and below 0 days.


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