Observations from the gym

We decided not to run the Winter Waddle today since I am continuing to have a lot of pubic bone/low back pain and had issues walking today. To bad since the weather was perfect for running. Good thing we didn’t pre-register, not knowing what the trauma world would bring today. Instead I decided I get in some elliptical time at the gym after work and once again it proved to be interesting…

-The weather was perfect, 30F and sunny, why were so many people running on treadmills inside?

-Just because you walk to the next row of lockers doesn’t mean I can’t hear you and no I am not planning to deliver this baby today.

-Even though I am pregnant I still have a right to change in the locker room without hiding, I’m sorry you feel I should hide my big belly and change where no one will see it.

-Why do some girls feel it necessary to put on make-up and do their hair prior to working out? Do you really get a good workout trying to stay cute? I for one know I do not look cute at the gym and don’t really care.

-Man on the Stair Master, is it really necessary to split on the floor of the gym? Yuck!

-Why do people bathe in cologne before a workout, is deodorant not enough?

-Really, jeans and dress shoes on the treadmill while reading a book!

-Lady on the elliptical, what can be so important that you must carry on a conversation on your cell phone during your entire workout?


  1. Don't know where to start with all those comments - oh so true! Are you serious people felt funny about you changing in the WOMENS changeroom? And it totally cracks me up when girls feel they have to dress up for the gym. They could wear whatever they wanted - as long as they stood next to me in my grungy gym gear they'd be shining, why waste money on makeup??? Sorry to hear you missed the winter waddle.


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